What We Do

Adhesives Direct is based in Wrexham, North Wales, where the company has two sites. One site is dedicated to the production and warehousing of its products whilst the other is designed to accommodate all other aspects of the business with office and laboratory facilities.

We value the importance of product development and innovation. We take it upon ourselves to speak with people who have innovative ideas and go out of our way to develop products that meet the requirements set out by a new process or substrate.

Product development is centred on having the best raw materials at our disposal as well as having access to people who can think outside the box. With an extensive combined wealth of experience and knowledge in not only the adhesives industry but the marketplaces we supply too. Our technical know-how, creativity, and industrial insight make us a partner of choice to many leading manufacturers both here in the UK and overseas.

We don’t grow year on year by accident, we understand the need to acquire new business and go out of our way to introduce potential customers to something the incumbent ones are already used to, a level of service that is second to none. We are committed to employee involvement and they in turn take an active interest in all aspects of the business.

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